Republishing the Orange Chicken comic in a different format.  The original layout was too wide for this website (it was drawn before this site was created), so the image size had been reduced which made the text difficult to read.  The single column vertical layout allows me to use the original panels without any size reduction, preserving the quality of the image.  Hey, doesn’t that make this a digital restoration?


The Diamond Collection takes advantage of the newest breakthroughs in digital imaging technologies to present the most spectacular versions possible! Digitally restored beyond their original brilliance, presented in spectacular Blu-ray high definition picture!

From the original post:

This was the original “pilot” comic I drew way back in 2005 when I had full intentions of continuing to draw and publish comic strips centered around these characters (most of whom are based on people & situations from my day-to-day life).

When this comic was drawn, the title for the series went through three different iterations before I finally decided on “Ducks Not Included.”  The earlier titles were “West Tukwila Falls” and “Wily Tangled Facade” (both were excuses to use the acronym “WTF”), as well as “OMGBBQ!”

…The More You Know™